What are the different types of Biophages?

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Bloodworms are long-necked creatures that gnaw at their enemies. They have a large gaping mouth its uses to rip off limbs and three long tongues it uses to grab prey. They are found inside large matured eggs.


The Big Mouth is one of the many types of Biophage that Jacob Lee encounters through out the game.They can mutate if they endure enough damage.


Parasites or better known as Larvae are a form of the Biophage. They are small and resemble leeches.

The Blind is a variant that has adapted to the dark.These enemies are first encountered in Below.


The Grunt a type of variant that serves as a common enemy in the game.


The Corruptor has the ability to crawl on walls. It seems to like surprise attacking Jacob in environments where it's hard to see. It is good to note that it is quite an agile foe.


The Combustor is first encountered during Lost in the underground maintenance tunnels.


The Two-Headed Brute is a powerful Biophage variant. It is first encountered during Below on the transport platform.

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