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The Callisto Protocol




The Callisto Protocol is an immersive, next-gen take on survival horror. You will die. Maybe a lot! In order to prepare yourself, here are a few reminders to get you started:


• There are three difficulty levels and multiple accessibility options that can be adjusted at any time in the game’s menu (Minimum Security, Medium Security, Maximum Security)

• There are tutorials for all game systems in the main menu

• Use headphones for the best experience. The game has been designed for immersive 3D audio

• Choose between high-fidelity and high-performance graphics modes in the settings

• Check out the DualSense haptic feedback on PS5 to amplify every shot fired and every crushing melee blow.

• The game is tense and brutal, remember to take breaks. The game chapters offer good places to step away and catch your breath.




The Callisto Protocol features a brutal combat system that blends melee and shooting, with a unique gravity weapon called the GRP to move between the two. You’ll need to use more than just guns to survive. Here are some tips to get started:


• Guns will only get you so far. Use all the tools at your disposal.

• Dodge or die. Spend time learning the dodge and block mechanics, they‘re critical to Survival!

• Master the GRP. Pull an enemy close for a melee blow. Knock an enemy across the room and shoot their legs. See a spiked wall, fan, or ledge? You know what to do.

• Shoot the tentacles. The only way to stop enemies from mutating is to shoot the tentacles that appear when they’re transforming

• Master Skill Shots. After landing a melee combo you’ll occasionally see a white target appear for a skill shot. Quickly pull your firearm and shoot for a devastating shot.

• Take your time The combat is up close and personal and Jacob’s melee attacks and defenses are heavy. Sometimes this means letting creatures get closer than you might like.





A miniaturized graviton field generator used by UJC Correctional Officers to pacify inmates and manipulate Objects. One of the weapons you can use in the game. 


  • Can Instantly Kill
  • The only ranged weapon with "Infinite Ammo" (it recharges)


  • Depends heavily on the surrounding area to be effective
  • Certain Environmental Kills types will make Looting impossible (no corpse to loot)
  • Takes time to Recharge between uses
  • Quite costly to upgrade to max


What do you need to know more about GRP?


  • The GRP charge is displayed on the back of Jacob’s head above the health.
  • GRP Power: Simply keeping a GRP power cell in your inventory will cause it to recharge automatically when it runs out. Otherwise, the GRP will recharge slowly over time.
  • Use the GRP to create space and separate enemies in the middle of a fight. This is also useful to create a moment to heal.
  • Pulling enemies towards you is critical as some enemies run and hide or can inflict damage from afar. Mastering melee combat, dodging, and using the GRP in tandem is the key to survival.
  • Learn to pull objects and enemies in and then redirect them in a specific direction.
  • Spiked walls and fan blades will result in instant death if enemies are thrown into it.
  • Exploding enemies can be used as GRP bombs for multi-kills.
  • Grabbing enemies will all you to use them as meat shields.
  • Red canisters are excellent makeshift grenades.
  • Ledges and railings offer the opportunity for instant kills using the GRP. Keep your eyes open and take every opportunity to toss enemies where they can’t reach you.


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