Patch Notes [v.2.01]

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Released date: December 15, 2022



    • Prevent enemies from attacking while you are attacking another enemy by adjusting uninterruptible windows for all player baton attacks vs standard enemies to add an extra 7 frames between hit and recover
    • Reduced frequency of players being attacked from behind. Enemies now prioritize grappling or repositioning instead of attacking
    • Widened incoming attack camera angle
    • Widened angle for dodging off screen attacks
    • Reduced damage taken multiplier when attacked from behind
    • Increased player facing away maximum angle for Grunt and Blind
  • Dodge optimization:
    • Valid dodge angle now allows player to have stick slightly forward and right/left while still dodging (45 -> 30 degrees)
    • Dodging at the end of the dodge window no longer means playing dodge animation and getting hit
  • Increased animation speed for:
    • Health injector usage
    • Weapon swapping
    • Weapon reloading
    • Upper receiver swapping
  • Auto-play reload animation when switching to an empty weapon
  • Continue initiated weapon swaps after interruptions
  • Extend amount of time between KTV appearance and mutation
  • Fixed phantom arm kills by armless NPCs
  • Increased audio cue volume for Danglers 
  • Reduced default setting for camera shake
  • Added player invulnerable window to all 150 cm vaults
  • Changed Two Head to a two hit kill on the player in Medium Security, and a three hit kill in Minimum Security
  • Final boss encounter combat optimizations
  • Minetown AI pathing and spawning improvements 


  • Optimized streaming to reduce memory usage in:
    • Habitat Water Maze
    • Snowcat Bridge Collapse
  • Fixed a memory leak with the Reforge 3d Printers


  • Fixed voice leveling issues in multiple languages
  • Fixed subtitle/vo mismatch issues in Korean
  • Fixed instances of unlocalized lines in multiple languages
  • Fixed incorrect text descriptions on menus in Korean
  • Fixed untranslated instances of “Unlocked” on doors in multiple languages
  • Fixed instances of missing voice processing in multiple languages


  • Added an option to enable performance mode when creating new games
  • Added an option to skip death cinematics and restart from checkpoint faster


  • Improved lighting performance on AMD cards (reduced VGR pressure of FDeferredLightPS)
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to receive the "The Protocol is About Life" achievement after beating the game once on a lower difficulty


  • Optimized lighting for multiple cinematics in Habitat and Tower

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